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Do you need help repairing your home?

What is this program?

Huron Housing Authority (HHA) hosts a program that can rehab an Owner-Occupied, Single-Family, Low-Income home located in Huron, SD.

Rehab projects must cost in the range of $1,000 to $10,000. Eligible projects are: roof repair / shingle / roof replacement, siding, windows or doors, plumbing, electrical, foundation repairs, accessibility issues or other life safety issues.

If the applicant household income qualifies, the funds that make the repairs may be considered a forgivable loan. If the eligible home-owner resides in the home for five years after the rehab is complete, the loan becomes a grant. Leaving the home before the five years is cause for a proportion of the forgivable loan to be repaid by the home-owner.

Huron Housing will: complete a home inspection, prepare a scope of work, gather bids from contractors, and oversee the rehab/repair work from beginning to end.

Rehab Project Stipulations

• The applicant must OWN the home. Homes with a contract for deed are not eligible.

• Rental Properties are Not Eligible.

• Mobile Homes are Not Eligible.

• The applicant must verify income, provide a copy of the deed, provide last two income tax returns, proof that property taxes are paid, and other information required to determine eligibility.

• Huron Housing uses a portion of the grant amount to pay project related expenses.

• If project cost exceeds the spendable grant amount, the owner must provide the difference at the time of the first contractor pay request.

• All grants depend on funding availability.

• Households will be served on a first-come, first-served basis and there is a limited amount of funding available for this program.

• The applicant must provide considerable personal real estate and income information in order to qualify to apply. HHA will keep all information provided confidential.

• HHA reserves the right to limit the number of applications accepted.

• Submission of an application does not guarantee that you will receive assistance.

• HHA and SD Housing Development Authority will place a mortgage on the property in the amount of the rehabilitation work (repairs). The mortgage will come due for repayment when the owner leaves, sells, or rents the home. At that time the amount is due and payable in the proportional amount as if the loan were being paid back in equal monthly payments over five years. (1/60th of the loan is “forgiven” each month for the five years after the project is complete.)

• The applicant including all current household members must be income eligible. Income eligibility is based on 80% of the Beadle County Area Median Income (AMI). Refer to the table below.